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Hi all! I was searching through the forums b/c I am very interested in the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hi all!
    I was searching through the forums b/c I am very interested in the Pearl. I am not planning on any data plan, but my main use would be to use it for pda and M$ office stuff for school.

    I was wondering how exactly you can D/L ppt to the Pearl without having to attach them to an email. I came accross efile, and wanted to see what it was all about, but of course it wouldn't let me install without the DM. I could figure it out on my own but I would like to know to make a better purchasing decision.

    Could someone who has experience D/L'ing M$ office files to the phone for viewing without sending them as an attachment tell me how you accomplish it. Are there specific folders or file names you need to save the docs in/as or does efile (or similar) do this automatically when you sync after you convert the file. This will greatly influence my decision in buying this phone, otherwise I'll just bite the bullet and continue to carry a laptop to school :cry:

    Thanks in advance

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    For your situation, I would suggest using a PDA, The Blackberry devices are designed as Communication Tools, not PDAs with cell phone capabilities. Nor are they designed to substitute for a laptop in an offline sitiuation. You would have to have eOffice to really accomplish what you want to do, and it's is not a cheap application.

    Sorry to be so negative, but I truly think the BB will not be all that you wish.

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