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Today I reverted back to .64. After I upgraded I "thought" I noticed the following ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Today I reverted back to .64. After I upgraded I "thought" I noticed the following items:

    1. It appeared that the battery would run down faster, especially if I used the standby feature. I get approx. 30 emails a day and spend about 30-45 minutes on the phone each day. Prior to the upgrade, I would have about 60% of battery life at the end of the day. Afterwards, I ended up with 40%.

    2. IM+ and Opera tended to be slower to load. While they were loading, I would change to my main screen and it would indicate EDGE with a full set of bars for signal. During the loading of IM+, I would change to the default browser and open up a web page and it would open it up in a "responsive" manner. I did the same experiment with Opera opening the same pages, and again the built in browser would be quicker.

    3. After moving out of standby, the 8100 seem to have a difficult time going from GSM to EDGE modes. If I went to standby while in an "EDGE" area, and then travel through a GSM area (or get into an elevator), when I came back out of standby, I would be in GSM mode. It would then stay that way. I would have to turn off the wireless function and then turn it back on to get full EDGE mode.

    After going back to .64 these two issues have "appeared" to have disappeared. I'm not saying they are, in fact, issues, but just what I have noticed.


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    Re: Possible Issue with .67

    ~via BB (
    Maybe version .67 from telefonic?

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    Re: Possible Issue with .67

    I have noticed decreased battery life on .67 as well. It seems worth it to me not to have the delay when answering a call though.

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