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Hi, I've had my Pearl (8130) for about 3 months and I hadn't had any ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I've had my Pearl (8130) for about 3 months and I hadn't had any issues with it - until this past weekend... Since it's a hand me down, the warranty time has passed by and I don't have insurance from my carrier...

    Here are the things that it's doing:
    1. When I power it off, I can't power it back on without taking the battery out which intitiates the re-start.
    2. Once it's on, it randomly starts running programs - calendar (new appointment window pops up), edit appointment window pops up randomly and my address book is running in the background so that when I close these other windows, my address book is showing.
    3. The other thing that I noticed over the weekend is that the keyboard would lock without prompting and the screen saver mode never kicks in. The screen stays fully lit until I power it off.

    I think I can trace back the problems to right after I updated my roaming capabilities with Verizon, but I just updated them again, powered it down, took out the battery and tried to re-start in the hopes that it might be fixed that easily. That didn't work.

    I've also removed some applications so that I have enough memory and that hasn't made a difference.

    I'm thinking about wiping it out, but I'm not sure if there's something else I can do first...

    Any thoughts?


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    Well it really sounds like your phone is water damaged. Do you know how to check for this?

    If your phone is not water damaged and you aren't sure what's causing the problem, it can't hurt to do a wipe!

    Honestly I would try backup all your information, do a wipe and see what happens!

    Post back with your results! Hope the wipe does it for you!

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