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hi there i ma trying to install the iberry aplication i have it as a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Please help....jad/jar big problems


    hi there i ma trying to install the iberry aplication i have it as a jad file saved on my pc that i downloaded.i have tryed so many ways to get this working on my i have tried to take my media card out and putting it on.i had it on my bb but when i find it and go to it click on download it keeps saying download failed,and when i go to details it says no cod file found?????????????????how can i convert the jad to a cod/alx in a very easy way so i can put it on a different way.or maybe someone can tell me why the download keeps failing.HELP ME PLEASE BEING TRYING TO DO IT FOR DAYS.

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    Sounds like you only downloaded the jad file and not the associated cod file(s) that the jad file needs to install. You may or may not be able to go back and download the cod file(s) by opening the jad file and getting their file names.

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    most jads can't be loaded from the sd card. you need to go back to the original link that you downloaded the jad from and open that link on your bb by browsing to it via your blackberry. another easy way to install it would be to right click the link on your pc,copy link location,then paste it in an email and email it to yourself.then open your email on your bb and click the link.
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    try saving the jad fil on the pc and then transfer it to your bb using media sync and put it on the device memory, i suggest the doc folder, then in bb go to media, explore, device memory, find that folder clic on the file, and there u go, come back after tryed to let us know if it works
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    As RCBJR stated your missing your .COD file that comes along with the .Jad. Here is how jad files work. If your run the Jad file from an OTA page its linked to the web address. For example: http:/ Inside the jad file its looking for the myapp.cod file. for an OTA link the cod is located in the apps folder of the web address. so example:

    So now when you download the jad to your BB. lets say its in blackberry/mediacard/applications/myapp.jad when you run it the file is looking for the COD located in the same folder. so the COD file would have to be in : blackberry/mediacard/applications/myapp.cod
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