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ok, i have lurked around the forums for over a year .. dont ever post ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Please Help!!!!


    ok, i have lurked around the forums for over a year .. dont ever post but i am having some problems.. i have a blackberry pearl and two days ago it stopped working.. the light on the back of the phone where the flash is would just stay on ALL THE TIME.. like a flashlight.. and when i pulled the battery at first it just would be red for a minute then stop.. plugging into pc i got nothing,, it wouldnt recognize or anything.. well now, desktop manager does discover it, i can get the light to turn off but it goes off and on and the screen shows NOTHING but there is the flashing red led light like messages are waiting, well i downloaded the jl cmder and took a screen shot of the phone, at first it showed just the tmobile logo.. then i did it again and it showed everything normal including date and time as if the phone were working.. when i call my phone from another phone it vibrates but i cannot pick it up... but again on the screen shot it will show a missed call.. can anyone help me??? the screen is completely black and i thought maybe it was just that but then why cant i pick up the call and why is the light on back staying on all the time??? i am going CRAZY without my phone and am ready to give up.. i called and i of course am 1 week out of my warranty.. UGGGGGG

    thanks for taking the time to read this.. also, is there any where to send the bb to get repaired other than to RIM that is any good???? HEEEEEEEEELP.....

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    Wow!! issues issues issues....Maybe you should try whipping the device and re-installing the OS

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    Agreed, at this point your best bet is to download and install an operating system update and hope that your screen is not out (which is what it sounds like based on your screenshots looking normal) Did you drop the phone or get it wet?

    Not sure your location but Amigo Tek (a stacker and device expert) manages a repair shop so you may want to PM him about possible inspection and repair.
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    Try pressing the mute button on the top, that happened to me, and none of the buttons would respond until I pushed the mute button. Let us know what happens.

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    It happened to me too, I got lucky my wife bought insurance! But if you don't have none I would try a tech expert. Good luck!

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