Hi All,

My BB PIN is registered in my current provider Indosat - Indonesia and my account is active although the BB service is not connected up to now yet.

Back at the time firstly I tried to register through BIS web client in Indosat, I found that the PIN is already registered with another provider. Tried to find myself if it is true and I know it is used BB 8100 from At&t/Cingular so I deliberately go to At&T BIS web client and create a new account tried to register the pin there. What a surprise for me that the pin device is accepted with warning:

"Your device has not yet been registered with the network. Please refer to the Geting Started documentation on how to register your device before you continue. If you choose to proceed with this account setup process before registering your device you may be sent to a BlackBerry service screen with reduced service features until you have registered your device"

so I canceled to proceed and go back to my true provider Indosat BIS web client tried to register it once again, but this time my pin device is accepted without any warning and I proceeded the registration and create some email accounts, etc.

I repeated the process at At&t, found the warning again but this time I proceed to create new account, can create email, etc.

My questions is, why is it possibe to do so? Is it why my BB service won't be connected with my current provider (Indosat)?