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Hey folks, My wife and I both have Pearls. I have a black one, purchased ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Picture Issue


    Hey folks,

    My wife and I both have Pearls. I have a black one, purchased about 2 months ago, and she has a red one purchased a couple of weeks ago.

    I have loaded some pics of our son on to my Pearl and I'm using one of them for my wallpaper. The pic was a professionally taken b&w so it's very clear, very crisp.

    My wife loaded exactly the same pic on her Pearl but the pic is grainy. The same is true of other pics we both have - mine are clear, hers are grainy.

    We're both loading our pics to our media cards (mine's a 2GB, hers is a 1GB, though I don't suppose the difference in our cards sizes matter) so it's not as though it's a memory issue.

    I've checked our settings but from what I can see everything on hers is the same as everything on mine settings-wise.

    Weird and frustrating!?!?!?!?!?!

    We're getting ready to return my wifes Pearl unless any of you Pearl genuises can save the day - and the Pearl!

    My wife loves this phone (and the color especially) so is going to be gutted if she does have to return it. And this is the cool lady who fixed my Pearl with the aid of a hairdryer, if you remember that story!

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    Re: Picture Issue

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    Re: Picture Issue

    not sure if this will help you, but it did with me. go view the picture you want to use as the background. click the menu button and click on zoom 1:1 and if that works, click on set as home screen. it cleared mine up perfectly.

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    Re: Picture Issue

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    I have a red pearl and was having the same problem. But from pics my husband sent me on bbm or mms taken with his black pearl. Tried this trick and it worked great! Thanks!!
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    Re: Picture Issue

    Just a thought but maybe it has something to do with the version of the OS you are running.

    When you checked the settings on both yours and your wife's Pearl did you check the version of OS? Maybe you need to update one or the other?

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