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When dialing a number is there a way that the phone book can pop up ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Phonebook dialing


    When dialing a number is there a way that the phone book can pop up to match what I'm dialing? Example: When dialing 414-555-5555 it says "no addresses" but when I hit the call button then it says Tom Smith Mobile (pulling the name from my phone book). Is there a way that when I dial "414" that Tom Smith's number pops up on the screen?

    Sorry for the newbie question. Despite popular belief, I'm really not this technologically dumb (all the time )


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    I do not believe there is a way to do this. I don't think there is a way for the address book to ascertain the number until the entire number is entered.

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    Heres what I do...
    When I'm dialing for example Tom's # I just press "2" and it has a "T" letter in it so it just pulls down all the "T" and "Y" contacts. I find it easier than going to my phone book.

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    To add on to peter's solution, if you press and hold slightly the Green Phone Button, you can start dialing by name. As you type each letter of the name, the list of contacts from your address book will get shorter. once you see the contact you want you can click on it and it will either start the call or give an option of which number to use. This same feature works in the messages app and Address book also.

    Hope this helps
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