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I noticed recently when I recieve a phonecall it doesnt display the callers name even ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Phone Call Problem?


    I noticed recently when I recieve a phonecall it doesnt display the callers name even though it is in the address book. This just started happening like 2 days ago. Its really a PITA. Any ideas what could cause this?

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    Re: Phone Call Problem?

    what is it do you have your numbers put in? do you put 1 before the areacode?

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    Re: Phone Call Problem?

    I occasionally have the same problems. The person's number appears on the screen, but the name does not appear. I spoke with T-Mobile numerous times and they asked me if I was sure that i had the number entered into my address book. I assured them that my wife is in my address book.

    One thing they said might be a possibility, which I think is complete crap, is that you may have too many names/numbers in your address book. To me, that makes absolutely no sense. But, i hope someone here has some ideas.

    I don't think how you enter the numbers into your address book is the problem. For me, sometimes the name shows up and sometimes it does not. For instance, my wife's name will show up every 3 out of 4 times. Same number each time.

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    Re: Phone Call Problem?

    Yeah only the number appears. And the numbers are in my address book and yeah there is a 1 before the area code. The name shows up some times and other times it doesnt. Dont get it but its frustrating.

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