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Hi, As the Summary says, this is the very first time that I've had a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Perl 8100, First time BB user



    As the Summary says, this is the very first time that I've had a phone this. . high tech? Well, I have a few questions and somethings that I'm struggling with. I'm not really sure if this is even the right section, but I decided that I should just put it out and maybe I'll get burnt and maybe I'll get good feed back.
    But, I want to know if:

    1) A media card is a necessity, and if so, how big is big enough? 1gb? 2gb?

    2) What about internet connection? I'm on T-mobile and my parents don't want me having connection to the internet. What are some valid and strong reasons why they should add on the connection.

    3) Is the only way to put files/applications/media on your phone by using the Desktop Manager from your Computer? Along the lines of having strickt parents, I also don't have a computer at home.

    Wow, this was a really long post. Sorry for the run-ons.

    Here it goes~

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    Re: Perl 8100, First time BB user

    First off congrats on your Pearl and welcome to Pinstack! You dont have to get a media card but its nice so you can store pictures, music, video etc... I was running with a 512MB card for awhile and it did the job but if you plan on saving music quite a bit of music to it I would opt for the 1GB. As far as internet goes it could be a valuable resource. With the Blackberry it opens a whole new world. With it you can access emails, do PIN texting with other BB users, etc... As far as reasons for adding the connection they are your parents you know best LOL But there is much you can do with a data pkg... Its just what works for you. As far as adding apps files and media a computer or a data connection is what you need one of the two atleast but some you just plain old need a computer for the things you cant OTA with a data pkg.

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    Re: Perl 8100, First time BB user

    2 gig, yu'll need the space. everything on the system ota (over the air) that also answers yu last question too. another way of putting files or any kind of application is ota (over the air)

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    Re: Perl 8100, First time BB user

    A) welcome to pinstack!)
    B)very good questions, I sell these things and I wish I had one customer who wasn't afraid to ask a simple question!

    1) it really depends on what you are storing, 1 GB in my opinion is good, mind you I have a 7130e, so I don't currently have that luxury! But if you end up buying a card that's too small for your files, I'd just sell it to a friend, and but a 2GB.....

    2) personally, I think that if I have a blackberry I am gonna use it to its potential! It does so much! But that isn't the case for some. I use it to manage a few email accounts, surf the net, and have quick internet access to information almost everywhere I go!... ( if you do plan to use the net..I recommend "opera mini" If you don't know what it is, neither did I until pinstack! Search some feeds and research it, at your leisure ) but if you are using your pearl for organization and scheduling, it has everthing you need. Data packages have come down in price over the last few years, but they haven't come down to the point where a it's...economical for everyone, but it is getting there.

    3) as they said before: OTA (over-the-air), I have downloaded, games, themes, programs, OTA. All you have to do is find the link.

    Don't feel intimidated by pinstack, we all have our learning curves....for example, I just found out what is, how to use, and how usefull RSS is! There is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid answers that we give each other....that just so happen to be useful.


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    Re: Perl 8100, First time BB user

    ~via BB ( I don't use a media card to store any files on my BB.

    Many of the themes and wallpapers require a pc to add them to your BB. Operating system upgrades require a computer to connect the BB to.The same thing goes for backing up your data. I don't think your blackberry could handle the papers required for schoolwork so you probably need a computer for that too.

    I would stress that you would only use the net on your phone for schoolwork. You could then look up the answer to a question about your schoolwork. Don't go looking at any other sites and they can see you are responsible.

    Good luck with this and let us know how it all works out.

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