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Yesterday morning, a few snow drops fell on my pearl, and I shook it off ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Pearl Wont Turn On, Strange Behavior (DIFFICULT QUESTION)


    Yesterday morning, a few snow drops fell on my pearl, and I shook it off as nothing.
    Later that day I was making a call and when I pressed the 'speakerphone' button nothing occurred. It sat in my pocket for probably 15 minutes and when I took it out it was not on, but had a constant red flicker to it.
    I let it sit in its cradle next to me all day blinking red (Message light) while I browsed through forums and talked to AT&T to see if I was covered and randomly at about 830 it became a white screen with a non-moving icon. It went back to red from this a few times and back to the plain white screen 5 times within a few minutes. (During the time it was resetting sometimes the light with the flash would blink in off-sync with the red message light.
    At this point it would successfully get to the orange network provider loading screen and go to my homepage where I would enter my password. I would let it sit idle but when I would press anything it would be sent back into the red flash cycle, usually without going back to the home screen for a few hours or so.
    I unplugged my phone (full battery) at night and when I woke up this recessive behavior drained it. This morning my phone seems to be stuck almost in a constant restart, going through what it did last night, constantly.

    I’m really sure that the device is fine per say, as it will boot up, do a security check, show my password box, and display my screensaver, however if I cannot do anything with it.

    ANY Comments, Opinions, Questions, Answers, or anything of the sort would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Pearl Wont Turn On, Strange Behavior (DIFFICULT QUESTION)

    I would try to reload the OS on your BB. Check here for the OS, BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites. And you'll probably need this process to install it, How To: ReInstall OS When Computer Won't recognize The Device Is Connected.

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