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When I went to turn on my Pearl (att), the phone wont boot up. All ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl Wont boot up


    When I went to turn on my Pearl (att), the phone wont boot up. All that happens is the hour glass keeps rotating. It will not go past that point. Any ideas? It also seems to turn on for a moment the turn off then turn back on, so I am unable at this time to get my pc to see it.
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    OH, that's the white screen of death...sorry to make it sound bad, but I think I remember reading that there Is a Fix for it....check these threads - HOPE THIS HELPS!


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    This thread should help. You will need to reload the software on the phone and the DM will have a tough time recognizing the device. Follow the steps in the link and you should be good to go. Hope it helps.

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    Disconnect the device from the PC

    1. Start a Command Prompt in DOS from the PC (Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt)
    2. Change the directory to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    3. Make sure Desktop Manager is not running
    4. Connect BlackBerry to the PC
    5. Enter the following command in the Command Prompt window: loader.exe /nojvm

    1. The Application Loader Wizard window will open
    2. Click on Next
    3. You will get a drop down list with the COM ports and one USB port entry
    4. Select the one which says USB:UNKNOWN
    If you do not see USB:UNKNOWN or USB:BBPIN, then follow instructions listed in a1-a5:
    a1) Disconnect the device from the PC.

    a2) Keep the Application Loader Wizard window open

    a3) Remove the battery and put it back

    a4) While the red led is on, reconnect the device to the PC. The led will only stay on for a few seconds

    a5) When USB:UNKNOWN appears in the drop down list, you need to immediately select Next

    5. The loader should now connect to your device and you will be able to reinstall the OS

    This works as well. Good luck

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