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I really wanted to get a Voyager with my upgrade credit from verizon. I went ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Thumbs up Pearl vs. Voyager


    I really wanted to get a Voyager with my upgrade credit from verizon. I went to the store played with the phones for a while. I thought the Voyager was so cool. So I went up to the counter and said I wanted the Voyager. It would have cost $200 to buy, I really didn't want to spend that much. The guy said that I could get the Pearl for free if I signed up for the data package, so reluctantly I got the Pearl.

    Once I got home and started to look around on the web, found this site, I was blown away by this little phone. Now I have become familiar with the phone, I would not trade it in for anything. I love it

    I am so addicted it is not even funny, I can't put it down.

    I downloaded the bphone theme, I love it.

    This phone is the best, and I am drunk, and I am rambling...LOL

    Good night all

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    Re: Pearl vs. Voyager

    jplaser --- my husband has said once or twice he wanted the voyager. i told him good luck getting his emails neat little phone, but it ain't a blackberry

    welcome to pinstack

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    Re: Pearl vs. Voyager

    wow sounds like you got a good deal you wont be disappointed i just came back to my pearl coming from windows mobile you are going to love it

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    Re: Pearl vs. Voyager

    I tried the xv6800 and thought it was a great pocket pc but as a phone? Well it was horrible. This is the best of both worlds. Truely an addict now (just ask my wife)~via BB (

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    I prefer to sell rim over any othEr pda. Winblows mobile is just too cluncky. Too many layers for a handheld, these devices are meant to be handy and convenient not a handful and a nuisance.
    The voyager is a cool phone. Good touch screen, works well and I'm sure it will be a good phone. But its not a berry oR pda.

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    Re: Pearl vs. Voyager

    ~via BB (! My friend was in the same situation, he was gonna get a voyager, but I told him not to, and I sent him a list of the features on the voyager, and a list of the possibilities of the pearl, so what do ya'll think he got- Pearl......yeah boy

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