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can someone please give me a code for unlocking the pearl. Ive been searching around ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    pearl unlocking


    can someone please give me a code for unlocking the pearl. Ive been searching around and cannot find anything. Thanks ahead

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    You have to call you provider or use a company like to unlock your phone for use with another carrier.

    If you are trying to unlock the phone as in its security locked There is no default lock code you had to enter a code when you locked it, use that to unlock it.

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    A lot of experience here. If you have an existing account in good standing with the same carrier, you can call the cs line and request an unlock code. Depending on the carrier, it could take 2 to 5 days to get an email back with the code and procedures. If they ask why, you can simply tell them that you are giving the phone to a family member and they do not use the same carrier.....or something as sorts.

    If you do not have an account in good standing but were a customer, most carriers will let you unlock a phone if you had been a customer 6 months prior, and the same process.

    Both options are free:

    Now the covert method. Contact an internet site as mentioned prior or another company that will sell you the unlock code. You could pay as high as $50 for an unlock code.

    Your best bet is the first two methods with your existing carrier. FYI, these controls are in place from the providers to help thwart phone theft and make it hard for the stolen phones to work generically on other carriers.

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