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Until a few days ago, my Holux GPSlim236 worked very well when paired with my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl, Telenav, Holux GPSlim236


    Until a few days ago, my Holux GPSlim236 worked very well when paired with my Blackberry Pearl 8100 running Telenav. Now the software cannot recognize the Holux device. The blue light on the Holux blinks once per second UNTIL the Telenav application starts, then begins blinking once every 3 seconds. However, the Telenav application tries to read the Holux device without success. I worked with Gina at Telenav support this summer to get this problem fixed, and now I cannot tell whether it is Telenav, the Blackberry, or the Holux device that has the problem.

    Also, no matter what I do with the Holux, including a battery pull, it always has the orange light blinking within about 10 seconds even when it is indoors without a sky view. Is this correct?

    Anyone have the same problem?

    I've done a battery pull on the Pearl several times.

    I've also had no luck with Google Maps or Blackberry Maps.

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    Re: Pearl, Telenav, Holux GPSlim236

    maybe try reloading your phones os.. or u may have a defective gps puck
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