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I just bought a blackberry pearl the other day from a friend. Turns out it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl having ALOT of Problems!


    I just bought a blackberry pearl the other day from a friend. Turns out it has alot of problems with it. When i try to text it keeps going to the home screen or when i try to dial a number or push the space or 0 button it goes to the main screen. ALso the back button doesnt work most of the time. Also the trackball doesnt work most of the time either.
    All the problems i have with the phone happens occasionally. one day its all fine and the next its all messed up.please helpp.

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    It sounds like its time to get rid of your friend.... Or at least get your money back. From what you have mentioned, you may have hardware issues on your device. Some are repairable most are not. The trackball is the issue that can be repaired by removing the trackball and cleaning it out. The keyboard itself from what I have seen is an issue that I have never seen being able to resolve. I would definitely recommend getting your money back. Please don't let this experience be a reflection of how Blackberry devices are.

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    Before asking for your money back, I would try the following:
    1) Wipe and reload the software.

    2) Replace the keyboard if it still doesn't act right. That may also solve the back key issue. There are places online that you can get replacement parts from.

    If that doesn't help then I would ask for a refund.

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