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New bb pearl user and I want to throw it! I bought this device because ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    pearl email error


    New bb pearl user and I want to throw it!
    I bought this device because it is an email device but I can't open 80% of my emails.
    Inline text/pics /sounds come through as attachments for some stupid reason and can't be opened. Bb support claims this is because the attachments are in un-supported format but that not possible.

    I say not possible since i sent a msg from my bb via mms to my email at yahoo and it was a preloaded msg so I know for a fact it is correct format for pearl but even though readable ok at yahoo as inline text, it came to bb as 3 attachments and 2 opened but was showing incorrectly and 1 could not even be opened!
    Heard of any software to update email to be more user friendly and more powerful email?

    P.s. My nokia 3650 opened everything, and although ugly, it was the pcs ever!

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    Xfiles, in-line pics, sounds, etc will come through as attachments on BB. This is to give you the option of opening it on your BB or not opening it and saving data usage.

    I'm also bumping this to see if anyone else has input for you.

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    I have no problem opening correctly formatted images and document Attachments in my messages on my pearl. I do if they, or the transporting email message has certain HTML Tags, some HTML emails work, others don't. Haven't tried to figure out what is causing the problem specifically and RIM doesn't claim to handle HTML Email at all.

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