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This is a quick but strange issue I have recently discovered. I have a CDMA ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl don't play nice with Mac


    This is a quick but strange issue I have recently discovered. I have a CDMA 8130 from Alltel and a CDMA 8830 from Alltel with a SD brand 4 gig card.

    I have be dragging and dropping from my pc since October with my 8830 and since December with my 8130. However about a month ago my answer to Vista was a new MacBook Pro with 10.5 on it...

    This is the strange/question part. If I connect my 8830 by usb all is normal and good in the hood. If I hook my 8130 by usb and choose to accept the device as a mass storage device on the phone, my beloved pearl REBOOTS!!!! Every time and I have tried 4 other pearls just to double check. ( I'm a rep for Alltel, so I have several new phones at my disposal to make sure I wasn't crazy)

    For the kicker, I am the so called BlackBerry Expert in our office and have all kinds of great documentation and a few hours of chair time in the classroom on how to sell and work on the BB, however NOBODY anywhere can give me any insite other than SOL!!!

    Then the grand slam, if I take out the card, insert into a card reader the Mac wont even see it. The card status light comes on and such. I plug to pc and it says its there but not really. So i think once a card is BB formated there locked down, even if you do the encry or not..

    Please help this is really kind of a pain in the butt to have to flip the card out of one phone to the other to move stuff around...


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    ask me
    i had this similar problem with an imac. not the resetting of the phone. but not reading that the phone was there when i would plug up it would just charge. my solution after trying different things. i saved all my pictures to my laptop so i didnt lose them. (dell laptop) and i installed pocketmac i reformatted the card which erases everything on the media card.. i did a battery pull and wa laaaa. after that everything worked fine. i reloaded my pictures and everything is running good now. sign up today!! come follow me at and win free blackberry of your choice and cash 1st 1,000 members. spread the word.

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    I've had the same trouble, and actually am in the same position, I'm an alltel rep and one of the two "tech types" that get all of the questions asked, though, no "official" training (though it'd be nice), there's an easy solution to your problem...."just use bluetooth" via bluetooth it syncs to address book with no 3rd party software needed, and does tethering with nothing extra. Seeing as that's all you'll get a BB to do on a mac, that's perfect

    oh, and as far as putting stuff on the card...."card reader" we stock em and sell em for $20, they're far easier than packing the BB usb cable around just so you can have it if you need it too....

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