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Ok, so yeah, my pearl is old and has been dropped a few times . ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Pearl camera has green and pink lines!


    Ok, so yeah, my pearl is old and has been dropped a few times . Nothing super damaging till yesterday. I dropped it (again... grr, I'm a mom of 3 and i never have enough hands) and since then whenever I take a pic the pic has green and or pink lines through all the "white" spots. I tried changing a few settings, a few battery pulls, turning off the flash, changing white balance etc but to no avail.. The only thing that lessens the lines is a dark almost black pic... And even then if i take a good pic the lines come back. (I can post a sample pic if this needs to be seen to be understood). Is this something that can be fixed or am I screwed? Oh, and p.s. this HAS happend a few times in the past after dropping or even bumping but eventually it starts working again after a few days. Is this in any way normal? Is there a way to get the camera to work again faster than just "waiting it out"?

    Thanks a bunch for any help!!!

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    That's a strange problem, never heard of it happening, nor have I seen it happen, however from dropping the device it does seem like something that would occur. It's most likely damage to the light receptor. If it's gone away on it's own before, I think that's the best you can hope for, anything else might require purchasing and installing the new parts for it, which is something that is kinda out of the way for pictures. I recommend getting a neck strap for it, it's saved me from dropping my Pearl, so many times!

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    Sounds like damage to the CMOS sensor, or the circuit that reads from it. If so, that isn't really a user replaceable part.

    I think waiting for the lines to disappear again is the best you can hope for.

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    You can drop it again and see if that'll help. I have a refrigerator like that. Kick it once and it starts making noises kick it again and it stops! Just joking.

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