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    Question Pearl bought off eBay


    I am on my 3rd pearl now. The first one had trackball problems after several months of use, so I got a new one because it was under warranty. The new one I had less than a month, when it fell out of my pocket and into a puddle of water. I bought the one I have now on eBay...and I have some questions.

    When I restored the new pearl, it still has the old users email addresses on it. I dont receive emails from those, but I cannot figure out how to delete the extra addresses. I am getting my emails just fine, I just dont want any extra email addys on there.

    Also, when I select messages, it automatically opens the newest message, and it never did that on my other phones. I dont know where the setting is to change it to where it does not do this. I like to open messages and then select the message I want to open, not have it automatically opened.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Pearl bought off eBay

    To delete the email icon from phone, go to set up internet email icon from your home screen, ( might be hidden) from there you can select email accounts. The other guys email should be there and you can select the option to delete! I cant really help you on the messages issue, I have always kept this icon hidden and have never used it.

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    Re: Pearl bought off eBay


    When you open Messages, is it usually within a few seconds of receiving a message? If so your super smart blackberry assumes that the message you just received is why you just picked up your Pearl. It opens that message so you can do what it assumed you would like to do.

    If not, I'm not sure I can't find an option to change a feature like that, and I don't think there is one. Perhaps you are clicking on your trackball twice, particularly if you have a lot of messages stored on your device it will take a moment to open them, if you click a second time before it does, the first message will be opened immediately.

    Can't think of anything else... unless it's an OS bug.. What version are you using?

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    Re: Pearl bought off eBay


    If your BB has the last users data on it suggest you do a device wipe to clean it up before you add your own stuff!
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