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So as I head off for college I am getting a mac book for my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl and Mac


    So as I head off for college I am getting a mac book for my studies and am slightly worried about the connectivity of an 8100 with mac?

    So the question is, should I be? Does Blackberry Desktop manager work with mac? and are there any problems I should know about or things to get in order to make the switch.

    Also, any thoughts on the switch in general from PC to mac? Thanks! -Aber

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    Re: Pearl and Mac

    Desktop manager doesn't work with mac. You can tether just fine with the bluetooth. Suggestion: Don't get the macbook, get the powerbook or whatever its called(the silver one) becuase the macbook breaks, easily. Mac's are very different. If you go to here: and post something and the mac experts should be able to tell you some of the things about mac. If you have anymore questions from crabby me, just ask.

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    Re: Pearl and Mac

    dont worry about being able to connect your pearl on a mac , you can use the desktop manager for upgrading in a virtual desktop using parallels for mac you can easily get the program from their site , plus you can sync easily to your mac with pocketmac for blackberry its free , i have a macbook pro , the silver one the young lady gotpearl was speaking about and it works great , btw the bluetooth connection sucks the easiest way is as i said with parallels and install windows xp in a virtual desktop , or the other solution is and it works cool as well is bootcamp for mac its free from apple and you install that on a different partition and have windows and osx running on dual boot , all these solutions are open to you , if you have any probs pm me and i will always get back to you .

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    Re: Pearl and Mac

    As the others said, it will work fine. I have a Macbook and they are solid, great machines. Treat it well and it will enhance your college experience.

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