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I'm looking to purchase a blackberry pearl 8110 in the next few minutes. Will i ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl 8110 Help??


    I'm looking to purchase a blackberry pearl 8110 in the next few minutes. Will i still be able to receive picture messages with no data plan? I had the 8100 and could never receive picture messages because I didn't have a data plan. And if could you suggest any models that doesn't need a data plan to receive picture messages. Please hurry with answers I need them quick.

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    Nope BB does not play well without data. Even unlocked you would have to have data of some sort, and even if ppy(pay per use) was available i think ATT's poistion is that it is not available on a BB. Best thing I could tell you is to call the cust svc of ATT(or whoever your carrier is) and ask for tech support to see. You need three things for MMS(picture messages to work) picture message abilty, data, and a copatible phone. Sorry if I haven't, but I hope this helps . . .

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    yep thbassman is right - w/o a data plan - you get nowhere and nothing in pics - sorry

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