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Hi, I was in the process of upgrading my Pearl device to the accredited version ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Pearl 8100 failed upgrade, Phone dead, Ideas?



    I was in the process of upgrading my Pearl device to the accredited version of the OS as supplied by o2 (UK) (rel75_PL2.2.0.37_A4.2.0.64.exe). Half way through, the phone switched off, the upgrade failed, and now the device wont boot. I get 2 flashing red LED's in succession.

    I have looked everywhere for advice but none has materialised. O2 were particularly unhelpful (phone back to shop, off for 'analysis'), they were more content at fingerpointing rather than actually trying to solve my issue.

    Can anyone provide insight into how I can recover this situation?

    Derek (London, UK)

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    Re: Pearl 8100 failed upgrade, Phone dead, Ideas?

    ~via BB ( can download jl cmdr from this website, it will help you wipe the handheld. After doing that open up the dm then apps and connect your bb, the os should load and you should have a working bb with the current os. Hope this helps

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    Re: Pearl 8100 failed upgrade, Phone dead, Ideas?

    You should try the procedure listed in this thread, JVM Error 102 - Step by Step Fix . I know it's for another error, but it should work. You can probably skip step 2-2 and 2-3.

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    i had the same thing happen to me earlier today, the phone died in the middle of upgrading and 2 red leds kept flashing. i called my carrier's (Rogers)tech support, they directed me to the rogers techsupport site and i downloaded the v4.2.1 handheld code for the bb pearl. I've tried many different options and that option was the only that got the pearl to be recognized by the computer. I would try going to your carrier's website and see if they have that handheld code for your phone, its an EXE, mine was about 78mb and it basically "repaired" my desktop manager. hope that helps

    hey since i cant paste links cuz im still level 1 stacker i pm'd u with a link to the o2 site for the handheld code
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    BB Pearl 8100 T-Mobile Failed Upgrade to .107

    I tried to upgrade to .107 and ever since, as soon as I disconnect from the USB cable, the phone will not stay on. It goes to black screen with red lights, then white screen with hourglass, then it comes on to home screen, goes through security verification successfully and turns off again. It repeats this process until turned off or plugged in to PC again.
    When I connect with USB again, it comes on and acts fine, phone works, upgraded version shows in About screen, etc.
    I have followed all the processes above for wiping, re-loading without battery and re-installing backups multiple times (5-6) without success. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated... BB Pearl 8100 T-Mobile

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