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Anyone know of a way to enter the password keeper data into the pc and ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Password Keeper


    Anyone know of a way to enter the password keeper data into the pc and have it sync to your blackberry?
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    Re: Password Keeper

    There are third party apps that can do this, but not with the default password keeper.

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    Re: Password Keeper

    Just fyi, I have recently migrated from PPC to BB. The best and most secure was eWallet (Illium software Inc), and I have pleaded with them to provide a RIM version for BB. Cryptomagic was the best I found for BB, tho it's far more clunky. When I finally got through evaluating several packages, and decided to go with Cryptomagic, I discovered that the .alx and .cod had "invalid signatures." This is likely because my IT folks (fed govt) will not permit 3rd party on their BBs. So, I'm sort of screwed, since I have relied on a mobile pwd and credit card and everything security package for years. Of course this also has the result of making things incredibly insecure, because the workarounds tend to be to keep passwords and other secure info in an unsecured format somewhere on the device, such as in memo notes.

    Good luck and keep us posted if you have a solution.

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