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my company IT nazis force us to have a password on the bberry and limit ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    overriding IT Policy from BES?


    my company IT nazis force us to have a password on the bberry and limit the password timeout to 30 min. It is very annoying because if you are on a call with the device locked, you can't access the calendar to make an appointment while you're talking. I've tried to use the apploader to delete "Policy" but this has no effect, even after reboot. Is there anyway around this?

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    Re: overriding IT Policy from BES?


    You can't use Apps loader to delete the policy. You can't even use the Javaloader wipe to delete it. Once installed it is permanent, until replaced with a blank policy.

    That being said, you are aware that if you attempt to replace the policy, your "IT nazis" well be able to tell that you have messed with it. Before you do, I would go back and re-read your Human Resources or Personnel department posted policies about violations of Company Policies concerning the Computer network security and the penalties proscribed for their violation. Putting up with a password requirement, is probably a lot better than having to explain to a prospective employer that you were dismissed from your last job for violation of company network security policy.


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