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I've spent the last 6 hours trying to figure out this problem! I'm new to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Outlook Calendar sync problems


    I've spent the last 6 hours trying to figure out this problem! I'm new to the Blackberry and am using it for work, but we don't have a Blackberry server and our IT guy was very anti-Bb so he's no help.

    Here's the problem: when I sync my 8130 using the Desktop manager it doesn't seem to read the device calendar at all. It prompts me to load the same 70-odd appointments from Outlook onto the device each time and does not read any appointments that are on the device only. It does sync my contacts perfectly.

    Here's what I've tried based on on-line research: making sure the wireless e-mail reconciliation is off, uninstalling my Desktop mgr v 4.3 and installing an older version I read didn't have the problem (4.2.2); installing a patch I read about; uninstalling 4.2.2 and re-installing 4.3. Each time I wiped the device calendar and tried again, but it keeps happening.

    I have my g-mail coming to the Bb just fine, but have had some trouble trying to get my Outlook e-mail set up. I tried and failed again to set it up just before this problem started last week. Could that have trigerred this problem? I'm about to drive over to the Verizon store, but I'd rather not! Any help would be appreciated.

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    I had problems syncing with MS Outlook too and found that going down to Desktop Manager 4.2 SP2 fixed it. I'm not sure that 4.3 is really ready for prime time yet -- too buggy.

    What I would do is downgrade to 4.2 SP2 and tell your sync settings to overwrite all handheld data with your Outlook data (obviously, this will wipe out anything on the BB). After this, set the sync to happen 2-way and hopefully, you're good to go.

    It's working fine for me now but it sure was a pain to get working.

    My current settings, which seem to work fine for me are:
    - Transfer All scheduled items (mind you, I have my bb only keep things for 60 days)
    - Confirm record Deletions
    - Confirm record Changes and Additions
    - Conflict Resolution -- Notify me when conflicts occur
    - Filters -- None

    Hope this helps!
    As always, just my opinion...
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    If you are using a Verizon device you should upgrade the Device Software to the newest version released as it resolves this issue.

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