I own a ATT Blackberry and recently I upgraded it to the latest software from PL 2.3,0.78. (Deleted vendor.xml and installed) But the new software was not allowing to install any of the 3rd party themes on my BB.
I decided to wipe out the BB and wiped it out using a 2005 version javaloader.
After that I had to fiddle with the App error 507 couple of hours and although I installed the latest desktop manager and device software version 4.5 the BB never recognised the same when I tried to load the application.
Finally in vain I downgraded my software to the old ATT 4.2 version by downloading its Device manager and Software. The ATT apploader recognised that I had some upgraded files in my system still.. neverthless asked for an erase and complete install.
Now I have an old version (4.3 ) OS installed and unable to upgrade it to 4.5

Can anyone please help me? Also is there any way to view the pre loaded videos on your PC (net_rim_bb_medialoader_video.alx)?