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Hi all, Am new to the forum, and just bought my first BB - an ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    No option on email setup to configure POP/IMAP mail


    Hi all,

    Am new to the forum, and just bought my first BB - an 8120. I am not on a data plan and bought the 8120 predominantly for the WIFI, which works beautifully except for one thing.

    PROBLEM: I can't set up IMAP/POP mail, as there was no such option on the email setup page. There is only the option to set up enterprise mail.

    How do I add the IMAP/POP mail setup option to my email setup application? Thanks to the forums at PINSTACK, I have tried the following... but still no joy:
    1. Wipe the Blackberry and install new policy.bin to reset the IT policy (if any)
    2. Reinstall my desktop manager, ensuring that it is set to BIS instead of BES. I verified my Email Setup Application version and description - It is version 4.5.0 and explicitly states that it is for BIS.
    3. Inserted a SIM card from another Blackberry that has access to the EDGE network and on a data plan. The BB where the SIM card came from could be used to set up webmail. I still could not set up webmail using this SIM card. Firmware must be the problem.

    Anyone got any more ideas? Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Not paying for the data plan is the problem.
    You MUST have a BIS or BES data plan.
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    Even with the other sim card, the reason it didnt work, is because you have to register your account with the ime number of the phone, to register it to that sim card. but then once you put the other sim card it, it would have went right back to not working.

    The only option is to check your email on the browser.

    Using the sim card with the data plan, you have to get on to their account and use the change device option and put in the phones info, and usually once you click submit, you will get all the email registered successfully emails and so on. But if you take the sim card out, and try another it wont work.
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    Bummer... I thought the WIFI would suffice. Looks like I'll be looking for a BIS plan. Thanks guys, you were great. Appreciate the quick response.

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    If you don't want to go by BIS/BES, and don't insist on push mail, you may try logicmail for blackberry. A google search will find it for you. I don't like posting links
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