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Can somebody provide me with a .zip file for my DM? I've gone on the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Can somebody provide me with a .zip file for my DM?

    I've gone on the site - used their d/l link and everything and I somehow get the run-around tryin' to get this Browser, all I get is BETA.

    Greatly appreciated!

    Thanks to all!
    Best of Luck!


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    While I dont have a zip file for you, I might have an answer to your problem. I used to go in circles on the site trying to get it as well. Anyhow, I found out that my phones browser emulation was set wrong in order for Operas website to recognize I was on a mobile phone. Try this, go to you BB browser, open it and then bring up your menu. Then select: options, browser configuration, and then find where it says "emulation mode" and change it to "blackberry". Make sure you save the setting. Then go back to Opera's site and try again. Worked for me! Once you have the new browser downloaded, you can go back and change the setting on your BB browser to IE again or whatever you had it set to before. Hope this maybe helps!
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    I use the default browser (I'm assuming it's the BB browser) on the Pearl. Is there a better browser that can be downloaded and used? I love the way the iPhone works for what I've seen, is there a way to replicate that browser functionality on the BB?

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