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Two weeks ago I purchased a BB Pearl. Although computer savy I had an OLD ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Lightbulb Observations, Thoughts and Thanks !


    Two weeks ago I purchased a BB Pearl. Although computer savy I had an
    OLD startac phone on Verizon and basically left it in my car 99% of the time. That for the past 7 years. So the Pearl was a real eye-opener.

    The Pearl is a great phone, reception perfect, speaker-phone clear as a
    bell, screen to die for, and its size, feel and look seals the deal. If you dont need 3G then this is the one to buy.

    I always though T-Mobil was a low tier company, but I was wrong.
    The sales person went out of his way (in a busy store) to make sure
    I had the basics, set up my email, and printed out a long list of BB
    sites and downloads to look at. Deutsche Telecom is spending GIANT
    bucks to make this service top shelf.

    The cingular version of this phone is PLAIN UGLY, and I say dont buy it from a company that messed with a beautiful design for no good reason.
    Rimm designed the Pearl over 3 years and asthetics was a big part of it.
    The morons at Cingular thought they knew better, Idiots!

    Next a case, well T mobil has a custom case for the 8100 and it Fits
    perfectly. The clip could be better, but I wanted a swivel clip so
    I ordered a case from eAccess solutions, which was too small for the
    phone. A half inch of the screen stuck out and was not protected.
    Cost 20 plus 9 shipping (not refundable) and return cost me 6.20.
    So I lost 15.20 to return a 20 case. Do not buy fronm them they are
    bad news. Took 7 requests to get an RMA number.

    I thank this forum for being super helpful. I got a 2gig micro card and the
    phone treated it like an ALIEN till I formated it and turned off mass Storage. The users manual really doesnt help one get over the learning curve easily, but the bright people on this site do. May God's love
    be with you. Always.

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    Hi Docray,

    Thanks for the review. I do have some comments on the Cingular version.

    Yes the cingular version is slightly different, white center keys instead of two tone, and a silver bar at the bottom for their logo. But its the same phone, and functionality. (actually the cingular model has a couple of features more such as PTT)

    The reason that the phone look was changed was for marketing and branding. ALL of the vendors change the models slightly for this purpose. For example, if you look at the 7100 line of phones, Cingular, Verizon, TMO, Nextel all offered versions, and every one of them was different.

    Personally, when I choose a phone, I look for the coverage of the provider( which will vary depending on where you live and work), the features of the phone, Functional design and cost. The color of the keys really does not come into play for me. having said that I dont think the cingular version looks bad, but taste is an individual thing.

    ok, i'm off my soapbox now.

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    I buy for network and features too but I also want a phone that I like the way it looks.

    On one of the forums I am on people are gushing over the 8800 coming out next year. To me with the number keys not being in the direct middle like normal and lopsided to one side, it just doesnt look right to me. For that alone I would not purchase it even if it had every feature I wanted.

    I am not one to upgrade with every new phone and keep them usually 2+ years easily. I have to like the way it looks.

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    I believe that the off-center location of the Number keys on all qwerty keyboard BlackBerry devices is done for a purpose and is correctly positioned. It makes it a lot easer, with the wider key board to use only one hand for phone dialing. It would be harder to reach all the keys if they were centered on the keyboard.

    As for the Cingular vs TMO Pearl Question, I prefer the solid color keys over the two color keys of the TMO, and the darker chrome side pieces of the Cingular version, but as has been stated before, that is just personal preferences.

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