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My son got me a Blackberry Pearl 8110 from a woman at work apparently it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    o2 8110 pearl Problems with Pay and Go o2 Sim


    My son got me a Blackberry Pearl 8110 from a woman at work apparently it was an upgrade
    but her husband said "he couldn't get used to it" so she offered it for sale for £100 pound.
    The phone is an o2 contract phone.
    I have put my Pay as you Go o2 sim in it
    and great! txt and calls no prob,
    the good features however like internet browsing and sat nav
    I'm having problems setting them up.

    1,Tried to register with o2 but PIN or IMEI number already registered so no joy.
    2,Called customer care they said the can't send me settings as its a contract phone.
    3,But on my third call to customer care this young man gave me this website to view,
    I did and searched everywhere for help with this problem but no joy.
    I can't believe I'm the first to encounter this problem.

    So to recap....
    Pay and go o2 sim, in a contract o2 BB 8110 pearl phone,
    unable to get sat nav or internet access.

    I would greatly appreciate any help that will solve this problem.


    I apologise if this thread is in the wrong place, (Its my first post)

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    currently O2 (or any network for that matter in the UK) does not support BlackBerry data services so you will not be able to make full use of the BlackBerry services. you will be limited to calls and texts and possibbly O2 WAP.

    You will have to go on pay monthly at the moment to get full use of the device

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    I appreciate that I'll not be able to make full use of the Blackberry services,
    i.e. Blackberry mail, yahoo and the like but I just wish to log onto the net
    and also use the built in gps for sat nav, all the rest i would probably never use anyway.

    On pay and Go I have free web allowance every time i top up therefore i was expecting to use this as I would with my old phone.

    Is the use of the built in GPS only available on-line with BB services, or would it work with an alternative third party software.

    In short can I use the Pearl as a sat nav or a web browser with a Pay and Go sim?

    Many thanks for your help benritmeyer but i still think there is a way arround this.

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    Hi short answer to your question's is NO

    1) you cannot use the normal Internet need a blackberry bolton on....But to get that you need a Sim only deal + bb bolton ( not pay as you go )

    2) to use the gprs you need the Internet and also a subscription

    3) if the phone is reg to someone else you will have to get them to dereg it for you or you will not be able to get the bb internet ( a blackberry is not run the same way has a normal phone thats why you cannot get internet on pay and go you have to have a contract ie 30 days or above

    So unless you get a sim only deal +bb bolton-on you will only be able to use the text&phone

    Sorry to bring you the bad news but i do know because i have had the same problems and i did ring O2 and been in the O2 shop.

    The funny thing is i am with Orange and i have a sim only deal with them and i am still trying to get a bb bolt-on rang them today and the person said yes its £5 a month extra But when i said you sure they couldn't answer don't even know about the the way i do have a pay and go O2 sim that why i rang them and went in the shop

    Anyway good luck hope you get it sorted.

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    Many thanks sdduk.

    This is a bit of a disappointment, so i think its off to ebay to get my money back.
    (£100 New in box! not such a bargain now!)

    Not a good way to covert someone to a Blackberry. throwing every conceivable obstacle in the way of the fun functions (SatNav, Internet).
    for god's sake! GPS is built in and I'm willing to pay for browsing the internet.

    If this phone ever go's to pay and go i may consider it, but as it stands confined to "I'm taking my ball home monthly tariff" I'll give it a miss.

    Again many thanks

    Still hoping someone has a way of overcoming this problem........

    P/s Just a thought if I get this phone unlocked would any of the functions work with Pay and Go,
    some websites selling sim free Pearl's are implying that this is possible, but at a cost of over £250 to buy the phone?

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    Your only option for internet would be to download the Opera Mini browser and run it via o2's APN settings.

    I know of no one who has been able to get this to work on a pay and go sim however, just a pay monthly one.

    On a simplicity sim you can run a blackberry with all the features working for as little as £20 per month. Tje blackberry bolt on is free on the £20 sim and if bought online it gives you 600 mins and 1000 texts plus free international traveller service.
    ~via BB (

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    Many thanks guy's

    But still disapointed, i'm not even sure if its worth £100 quid now.


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    Not that this gives you Internet access but here is a link (sorry can't post links yet but if I could it would go www*pinstack*com/carrier_settings_apn_gateway*html with * replaced by.) to modify the TCP settings and it includes O2 PayAndGo under UK. With these settings I was able to get iSkoot (for Skype that works on the Internet) to work.

    Anyone know why it works for this?

    There is also a thread on a number of other forums about other settings for O2 PayAndGo but I'm not sure where to enter them on my Curve 8310 and how they work, what it is suppose to do or really anything else about these settings but maybe they will help the discussion here. So here is one of the threads: www*totalpda*co*uk/forum/02/9129-o2-orbit-payandgo-gprs*html.

    Hope this helps and if so let me know how so I can get mine to work.

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