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This problem just started today, when I click my trackball to select something, my pearl ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    not your typical trackball issue...


    This problem just started today, when I click my trackball to select something, my pearl reacts as if I pushed the QW button. For example, when clicked on the home screen to start an app, my contacts that start with W show up. Any ideas? Using software on tmobile.

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    Couple of potential issues come to mind, here is what I would try....
    1. Get some canned air and blow out your trackball and keyboard area.
    2. You may wish to try cleaning your trackball using the tips in this thread from Reddog:

    8. Trackball Cleaning
    This subject is a touchy one. The trackball itself will eventually get stained and will NEVER be white again sorry it’s just one of those facts of life. You can try and clean it with a Q-Tip and some denatured rubbing alcohol, but it’s stained.

    This subject I’ve had firsthand knowledge and experience. Eventually, but hopefully not soon your trackball (pearl) will act up. Mostly I believe because I kept it in my pocket. It will decide one day not to scroll in a particular direction.

    Compressed Air
    Pushing down on the trackball while rolling
    Piece of paper to dislodge whatever might be causing the problem
    Removal of the Trackball Assembly and more compressed air

    None of those solutions worked for me, then came rizzo70 to the rescue with this thread.
    Easy trackball removal and cleaning this involved removal of the trackball assembly, HOT water, and some dish soap. Please read carefully and through the entire thread.

    NOTE: This is a do at your own risk project…and a last resort. Remember you pearl has a 1 year manufacture warranty. Use it if you are not comfortable with disassembly of your pearl. We take no responsibility in your actions.

    Another thread

    3. Try a different operating system (you may want to try this before you try #2)
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    Try a battery pull.

    You never know. (if it will work)

    ~via BB (

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    ask me
    You have moisture in there... happens when I have my phone in my pocket at work without the blackberry holster...sweat.

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