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Hey I was just wondering if there is any new software patches out for the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hey I was just wondering if there is any new software patches out for the BB Pearl from T-mobile. I am still having a couple second delay when I answer my calls some times. I am also not sure how to check which version I have now. I do know about the DLS patch and will be downloading that shortly. Please help.

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    Re: Newsoftware?

    From the main screen, Hit menu, go to options and then "about"... Let us know what version you're running...
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    Re: Newsoftware?

    ~via BB ( you check what OS version you have(as described by 17oobie above) you can go to T-Mobile's website from your PC and in the downloads section you can see what version is available for your device. If a version different from what you currently have is available from TMO then you can download it to your PC and install on your BB via USB. Good luck! Hope this helps.

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