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I am new to the blackberry world,I just purchased a 81oo pearl and i would ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I am new to the blackberry world,I just purchased a 81oo pearl and i would like to know what are some options i have with it
    how do i get a colored trackball

    how do i put music on here
    how do i get my phone off vibrate
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    Re: Newbie needs help

    For color trackball:

    Do you have an SD card installed? You won't be able to hold much music without it. If you get one you can simply enable mass storage mode, connect BB to PC and drag and drop your music files into the Media music folder.

    To get phone off vibrate, go to Profiles>Advanced>scroll down to Phone and set Out of holster to "Tone" and In Holster to "Tone", or you can set it to Vibe + Tone or whatever you want here.

    If you browse around the 8100 forums as well as the 3rd party apps forums you can find all of the info you asked about.

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    Re: Newbie needs help

    About the music thing...

    If you look at the 9th (I think) post in this thread, your question should be answered. The post is tailored for iTunes users, so if you need a different answer, then you can PIN me.
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