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Hey all, this site is so helpful but I think I have a few questions ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    NEWB problems, help!!!


    Hey all, this site is so helpful but I think I have a few questions that slipped through the cracks.

    1) every time i go back to media or browser or messages it always goes back to the last page I was on. Is there a setting to make it go to the "home" page for each application?

    2) i have turned off the "my phone number" feature, but when I make a call my phone number still shows up, this isnt really a problem just an annoyance.

    3) brick breaker is way too addictive... more my problem then yours, ha.

    4) is there a shortcut to get into multi-tap aside from pulling up the menue and putting it on?

    Thanks so so so much in advance, also if anyone has any free applications that have stood the test of time and are worth while Id love some suggestions, thanks!


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    Re: NEWB problems, help!!!

    Welcom camerr55, you may find some of your answers at the following tread
    It offers tips and tricks for your bb and be sure to review the comprehensive guide
    they are invaluable.
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    Re: NEWB problems, help!!!

    ~via BB ( also if you go to the download section you will find MANY apps for free that are worth so much! Everything I have I got from here..

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