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I have my 8130 and it says i have 0bytes of files free. So i ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question New to this, so i need some help.


    I have my 8130 and it says i have 0bytes of files free. So i bought a 2GB San Disk card and just plug it in. I dont know if i have to install this or something, but i still have 0 bytes available with the card in. What am i doing wrong here?

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    The file free that it reports under Options, Status is the device memory (where messages, applications, themes, etc are stored. Adding a microSD card doesn't change how much device memory you have, but it does give you a better space to store pictures, ringtones and other media files (such as mp3's).
    You should use desktop manager to remove any languages you don't use as well as any themes you don't like.
    Also, if you go to your inbox, select options, general options - scroll to the bottom and change your message retention period (default is forever I believe).
    As your device memory is full, you may have filled it up with pictures, media, etc - copy those over to your PC with media manager, then you can copy them back to your media card.
    Good luck!

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    Make sure you format your media card also.
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