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Well, just bought my bf a blackberry pearl and I am getting one tomorrow. I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    new to blackberry 8100


    Well, just bought my bf a blackberry pearl and I am getting one tomorrow. I have been reading up on them for last few days and tinkered around with his yesterday, but I had a few problems I could not get answers to. Seems alot of people had different solutions to the same problem.

    I have a mac and itunes. I downloaded the pocketmac and was able to sync his address book, only minor trouble, battery apparently should be charged, pm opened, and then plug in the pearl.
    I can not figure out how to put mp3's on my phone. I do not have an additional memory card, I saw somewhere that I could transfer by dragging songs to the phone, but everyone said you had to have a media card. Is this true? PM does not have any folders that I can see that say ringtones or mp3's as someone else told me it should?!?
    The blackberry tools cd I got does not have a mac version, is there one?
    Where do I get backgrounds and such? How do I transfer my pics on mac to phone?
    I will probably have more questions once I get mine tomorrow. But for now, this is what I still can not find answers to.

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    osutuffy - have you looked here? i am by NO means in any way familiar with a MAC, but maybe these threads will help...

    As for moving the songs to your device, it is limited to the size that it will accept without the SD Card. Not sure the exact amount. If you have not selected the option to use your Pearl as a MASS STORAGE DEVICE, I am afraid you might not 'see' it on your explorer.

    to put pictures on it, you will need to do the same thing, drag and drop after selecting device as MASS STORAGE.

    themes you can download using your device, go to
    alternatively, you can email or drag/drop an image and then save and place it as your background image

    lots of information. if you need help, please don't hesitate to PIN me or PM me here.

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