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Just bought a Pearl - love it! but I need to get some help on ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question New To Bb- L@@king 4 Help


    Just bought a Pearl - love it! but I need to get some help on a few things...

    1. Where can you get ringtones and themes (besides here) preferably for FREE?

    2. Any way you can make your own ringers?

    3. I downloaded Tetris and BBWeather:

    Tetris doesn't go past first page? - HELP - other great games to download?

    BBWeather tells me I have an error w/ the feed - HELP - any other weather programs?

    4. Anything else anyone could recommend for a busy college student on the go?


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    Re: New To Bb- L@@king 4 Help

    Hey Sugar welcome to the stacks!

    1. there's plenty of sites out there just google blackberry themes and you will find a ton.

    2. You can use any MP3 and also edit them shorter for ringtones. Many people use the program Audacity for editing

    3. Tetris I have no idea about, but BB Weather look here to get it to work
    Another good weather app/web page is it's great and accurate and has an animated radar.
    4. check out this thread
    or the 3rd party apps forum.

    Welcome again
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