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    Making the plunge into the BB world can be very frustrating and intimidating. Your new Pearl can unlock a whole new world of mobile productivity and communication, when it works correctly. I think it's pretty safe to say that not one stacker has ever bought a new BB device and not had problems with it. That being said, don't worry, we can help you fix your device 99.999999999% of the time. The easiest way to avoid the problems that most encounter when they first get their device, is to upgrade the device. The instructions below will take through the process step-by-step.

    When you first get your Pearl home, while it's charging, you should be downloading the latest (or close to it) OS. "OS" stands for Operating System, for those that are unfamiliar with this terminolgy. You can normally find the thread containing a link for downloading the latest OS on the first page of this forum (BlackBerry Pearl 8100). There is also a thread that has been "stickied" to the very top section of the forum called Blackberry 8100 Pearl OS Software Links (by Carrier).

    After you have downloaded the latest OS, you must install it to your PC. The easiest way to do this when the download has completed, and the pop-up box asks you what you want to do "Run", "Open Folder", or "Close", you can just select "Run". The OS installer will prompt you for where to install to, just accept all the defaults, they're their for a reason.

    Now you should download the latest version of DM. "DM" stands for Desktop Manager. To do this you can click here to access the download page from RIM. There you will see a drop down menu containg a list of optional software downloads. You want to choose the latest release version of "BlackBerry Desktop Software". Right now that is v4.2 SP2. When you select it, you will be taken to a list of different configurations of the download. You have a choice of a multi-language or just English version. You also can decide whether or not to have Roxio Media Manager 9 for BlackBerry included in your download. Some like it, some don't. There are numerous threads that discuss that topic.

    Once that download has completed, you will need to install it to your PC as well. You can use the simple instructions above for this install as well.

    Now, comes the fun part. Before you connect your device to the PC, you need to determine if the OS you've downloaded is from your wireless carrier, or a different carrier. If it comes from a different carrier, you will need to delete the "vendor.xml" file that is packaged with the OS. To do this, select Start>My Computer>C:>Program Files>Common Files>Research In Motion>Shared>Loader Files> (This is the OS file name). You should see a number of files and two folders. The vendor file will be one of those files. You can either delete it or just rename it, it really doesn't matter. If the OS is from your carrier, you do not have to delete this file.

    If you would like to unlock all or some of the hidden vendor themes for your Pearl, you can click here for a thread with these instructions.

    If you are an AT&T subscriber, and you don't use and/or don't want to use the PTT feature of your device, you can keep it from loading onto your device. (This app always runs in the background and may or may not affect the performance your device) If you want to leave PTT off of your BB, you need to go to the same folder where you found the vendor file. Open the "Platform.alx" file. You can just select "Edit" (in the top left hand corner)>"Find". Just type "ptt" in the search field. After it finds the first occurance of "ptt", select "Find Next". That line should read "<fileset pttApp="True" Java="1.0" _vendorID="102">". You will need to change the "102" to another number, like 220.

    Now you're ready to install the OS. Open the DM and connect your device to your PC. DM will automatically recognize the device and the new OS. You will be prompted to upgrade. Once you accept, the upgrade will be under way. It can take quite a while for the upgrade process to complete, just be patient. Do not interupt the upgrade process because you think it's hung. There will eventually be a pop-up box alerting you that the upgrade is complete.

    If after you're up and running, you encounter a problem, try a "batt pull". This is kind of a catch all fix. All you do is, with the device turned on, remove the battery for around 30 seconds or so. When you put the battery back in, the device will have reset itself. This maneuver will not delete any stored data. You will still have all of your contacts and calendar entries.

    I hope that these instructions will help make your transition to the world of BlackBerry a smooth one. Take a look around the Stacks. There are many more golden nuggets of knowledge that will prove to be very helpful. If you can't find the answer, just ask. We love helping fellow stackers.

    Enjoy your new device!

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    Re: NEW PEARL USERS: Fix your problems here!

    my pearl can pair with device via bluetooth and i can send files but cannot receive anyone got any ideas

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    Re: NEW PEARL USERS: Fix your problems here!

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