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Hey All, My Boss's wife has an 8100 and we've just updated to and ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question New Messages showing up at the Bottom of the Inbox and not the Top???


    Hey All,

    My Boss's wife has an 8100 and we've just updated to and ported her over to Vodafone from Telstra (not that the carrier would make much difference-lol!).

    Now she says all her new messages are coming in at the bottom of the list and not the top. I don't have the device on hand to verify if there is a setting to change the order in the Inbox, I didn't have the option on my Pearl running the same OS so this news has come way out of left field for me......

    Need to find out if there's anything else that could cause the messages to show up at the bottom, I know any attachments that you download will mark the message unopened and give you a new message alert, but I need to see if there's ANYTHING else that'll cause that too.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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    I dont have the 8100 myself but when I have loaded new betas on my bold some of the versions have had slightly changed settings...I would have her go into the options in her email/messages and see what they are set to...they may have been changed by the new os... just my two cents! Good luck

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    You need to turn your phone into the upright position. This will fix the issue. lol I have never heard of a phone doing this or seeing the option to do this? there must be a arrange setting or something
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    The only option I've found is in Message Options>General Options>Display Order. There are only two choices on my 8310.....Name, Subject or Subject, Name. Nothing to do with newest first or vice versa.

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    Press 1 when you're in the message inbox. that should put the most current messages back at the top.

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