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I have a lot of questions, but i stick to the most prevalent for the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    New blackberry user


    I have a lot of questions, but i stick to the most prevalent for the moment. I just bought a 8120, and dont know too terribly much about it.

    Are you able to synch your BB with ical or microsoft entourage? I have a macbook, and i don't have outlook on it. When i bout office for it, it came with entourage.

    I have heard that you can insert up to a 8 Gig micro SDHC card into 8120, instead of the stated 4 Gig micro SD max, if you upgrade to the the ver 4.5 OS or higher, is this true or is some one yankin my chain? Also, where would i find the software, The phone im getting was origanlly locked to TMO, but im on AT&Ts network.

    Finally does anyone know of a good program that to access AIM with? I do not have a data plan, but i do have unlimited texting, and obviously Wifi access.

    Im sure ill have more questions in the future. And any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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    Welcome to the stacks first of all, and I'm not sure about sync to anything but outlook. There may be some software out there that would allow that. I do believe I have read plenty of posts on being able to use 8 gig with 4.5. Not sure about aim without a data plan but there is lots on help on this site

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    well since you dont have a data plan, i insist on downloading AIM for your blackberry (bb) cuase the other programs that i have all use data and not sms

    as for the SD micros , yes 8 GB is the max, but unless you ACTUALLY are going to use it, i recommend a 4 GB ... i have a 4 and its more than enough for all the music pics movies and documents i have.

    just to tell you now, DONT use your internet while on EDGE or GPRS network ... ONLY on UMA. because you are sure to be charged ... man you should have gotten data plan

    with sync and all, i have heard of google sync working but i am not really sure about outlook but 2008 entourage does not support blackberry sync. microsoft pulled it for some reason.

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    Welcome to Pinstack
    Im sure your going to get all the help you need here. I have learned so much since jioning this group of bb people

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