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Hi There, I am learning the rops, just bought my first BB (8100), read lots ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question New BB user-what is the difference bet. "Category" and "Group"?


    Hi There, I am learning the rops, just bought my first BB (8100), read lots of your postings and guids, still need help:
    1) see subject line and can I set a specific ringtone for the whole group?
    2)don't laugh, it may sound silly-where is the "Message" icon from which I can sms ppl ? Thank you.

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    Re: New BB user-what is the difference bet. "Category" and "Group"?

    shira, Welcome to PinStack.

    A category is just that, it is a setting that will allow you to assign different categories to contacts, tasks, notes and in Outlook calendar events. In the Address Book database, you can use them to filter your contacts for an individual category. Groups are similar to the Distibution Lists in Outlook, although they don't sync with each other.

    To assign a ringtone to a specific group of contacts, you have to go to Profiles, Advanced, and create a new exception, Name the exception, and Add Contacts using the menu "Add Contact" command. Currently you have to add contacts individually.

    As to where the Message Icon is, it should be on your home screen if you are using a standard theme. It it is one of the Zen or Today themes, you may have to open the applications list to find it. It is the same one that you read messages in.

    But to SMS or email people you can select the contact in your address book, or the [Use Once] entry and from the menu select SMS <Contactname> or email <ContactName>

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with this problem or your BB.

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