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Hi All - my friendly AT&T guy directed me here after I went to him ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    new BB user - dietician friendly? +other Qs


    Hi All - my friendly AT&T guy directed me here after I went to him inquiring about the 8120.... I currently use an OLD motorola (v557) but after a colleague suggested I look into a blackberry I think I'm ready for the plunge.


    1) I am mainly getting it for the wifi, 8 gb capacity, camera, cell-phone-likeness, and software use.

    1a) Re: software: I would like:
    a good medical dictionary
    a health stats calculator (BMI, BMR, IBW, etc)
    a nutritional information dictionary (calories, fat, portion sizes of common foods)
    an herb / supplement / vit / mineral encyclopedia
    a drug interaction encyclopedia

    I've been looking at this site ( ) will those work on the 8120? Is most "blackberry" software going to perform ok on my pearl? How do you download them onto the phone? Is there a better warehouse for medical software?

    2) how is the texting? I text a lot...and have been using T9 forever... opinions?

    3) (Not really a question, more an FYI) my AT&T guy said the stores would probably not have them for a while since it features the WIFI and the old pearls have the EDGE - so why feature the phone that can get free internet next to the one you have to pay for. He said once I fully decide to commit, I call and they can order me one.

    Thanks and I really look forward to delving into the device and these forums!
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    I've had good luck using other software I had on my 8100 on my new 8120. I haven't yet run into anything that didn't work. Hopefully someone who's used the software you're wondering about will be able to weigh in. One thing to keep in mind is that the Pearl's screen is a little smaller than some of it's larger cousings, like the Curve. For me, the small size of the device is more important than that, but if you intend to do a lot of calculations and other inputting of data, you might consider a bulkier device from an enhanced functionality standpoint.
    I think Suretype texting on the pearl is fantastic, but I've heard from others that it's an acquired taste. The new 8120 is definitely superior to the original pearl on this front as it allows you to select the software's guess and not have to type the whole thing out--you always had to do type the whole word with the 8100. One problem I run into more with the pearl than I did with T-9 are that there are a lot of identical key combinations that will get you different words. "ARE" and "SEE", and "GET" and "HEY" are the ones I run into the most. It's easy to select the correct word if you're watching what you're typing, but I still send out confusing messages on occasion after over a year of frequent Suretype use.
    Good luck deciding!

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