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Hey every1 i just got a Blackberry! and i want to put games and other ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Need some help with my BB


    Hey every1 i just got a Blackberry! and i want to put games and other software on my Blackberry Pearl 8130, i downloaded Packman and unzipped the file, Opened my Blackberry Desktop Manager, clicked on Application Loader, clicked Next, i clicked Add..., then i clicked on pacman.alx, and this box at the upper left hand corner of it, says Error, and the box says No additionaal applications designed for your device were found, and i have to hit Ok, what do i do to add softwear please HELP! thanks. : }

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    Need to make sure apps are compatible with device. I'm not sure cause i haven't downloaded games

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    do you have the cod file in the same folder as the alx?
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    u have to deff keep ean eye out for whatever it is u r downloading 1 specific to the device like magnum said the other would be to the operating system... wether u r running 4.2 or 4.3 or even 4.5 makes a huge diff when u download almost anything to your bb.. to know what os you are using...
    go to.... Options>then about... look for the line that says v4.?.?.?? then platform is the following line.. hope this helps..
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