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1) I had two BB and before i gave my first one to someone i ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Need some answers about the backup/restore & upgrade


    1) I had two BB and before i gave my first one to someone i backed it up using Desktop manager, and then i restored my new BB, all of my contacts where backed up thats about. i lost all of my apps, themes, and memos i spent so much time (at the time i was pissed). is it normal that when you backup your BB it deosnt really backup everthing.

    2) when you upgrade you firmware is it normal to lose everthing you have on the phone, cause that happened to me all i did was upgrade my BB firmware and i lost everhting on it.

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    I have recently upgraded and downgraded my BB OS and both times I kept all 3rd party stuff...even themes downloaded OTA all were on my BB after the new OS. The only thing I had to do was reregister some applications, lost my BB weather settings so had to add my locations back, and the only thing permanently lost was my saved Viigo articles.

    Also yesterday I accidentally deleted my password keeper, I was able to add it back in with the application loader then go back to one of my backup files and add all my passwords back with just a I would say that what's happening with you is not normal.

    Unfortunately I have no clue how to help you though....wish I did.
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    if you are switching devices it is best to have both. DM has a switch device wizard that will move everything over from the old to the new, including applications. If you just do a back up and then restore on the new device it will not include applications.

    Sometimes when you upgrade the restore doesn't work, that is why it is important to back up the BB before you start the upgrade.
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    yep. I finding that out the hard way also..
    I backup every other day or when I put something new on.... then I upgraded ATT OS and somehow lost all BB messenger contacts. Now I have a headache and am freaking out cause I only had about 26 close contacts and I can't seem to remeber who everyone was.....
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    Yep, just did a "switch device" with the DM yesterday. The only thing that didn't migrate to the new BB was third party apps. I just added them myself. Worked like a charm and only took about 20mins total. Just a question though, when you upgrade the OS dosen't that essentially do a wipe of the old OS and then you reload the new one? That would explain loosing all the settings wouldn't it?

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