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I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100. It has a v4. on it. I have taken ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Need help putting video on my BB 8100


    I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100. It has a v4. on it. I have taken some videos with my camera and then I transfer them to my desktop. They are transferred in AVI format. They are about 90 MB in size. I then use the media manager in my Blackberry desktop manager to move the files to my Blackberry and when I go to open them on my Blackberry they do not work. I also have tried moving some MP4 videos to my blackberry using the same technique and I could open them on the blackberry but there was no sound. I am moving them to my Media card which is 1 GB. Theone video that is on my Blackberry is from the factory and it is in AVI format and also has sound. Do I have to convert my AVI files that are on my desktop to some other kind of AVI files before I move them on the desktop manager. Any suggestions on how to do this, and if there is any free software that I can download.

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    You're going to have to use a file compressing software so it can work on the pearl. Lately I have been using total video converter because it has a specific setting for the Blackberry. When you load an mp4 that has not been compressed that is exactly what it does with the sound so you need to compress the video to 240X260. You can also do a search on this board for Blackberry video creator. That is also another video compressing software that has specific settings for your model pearl.

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    23 it works like a dream! i use it whenver i need to convert ANY type of video... it can even rip and convert DVDs sometimes

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