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other then and are there any other websites for you to be able ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    mp3 ring tones?


    other then and are there any other websites for you to be able to download free ring tones straight to the pearl right over the air? those 2 sites are great but i'm looking for just a little more updated songs.

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    Re: mp3 ring tones?

    i make my own ringers and upload them...its really easy.

    this website tells you how. if you already have the MP3 and don't want to take it off of a CD, skip to STEP 3.

    i use the same website, and upload them to the myMOBILE part. once you do that, you can log onto that same site on the pearl, and just download them OTA onto your BB.

    that way you can have new ringers...and they are what you want - the parts of the songs you want as the ringer and everything. its pretty easy.

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    Re: mp3 ring tones?

    ~via BB ( Look for stacker Benmarvin, and in his profile he has a link to his blog, which contains all the latest links for mp3 ringers.

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