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I have an unlocked Vodaphone 8110. I am a registered user of at&t in U.S. ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Mobile network options missing


    I have an unlocked Vodaphone 8110. I am a registered user of at&t in U.S. I have v4.5.0.110 software. I have global Blackberry provisioning so roaming data is no extra charge.

    When I go to Otions/Mobile Network, only AT&T is visable and I do not have the option to serach for other networks. I assume the at&t version software has disabled the choice to select other networks. The good part is that when roaming outside the U.S. I will automatically be on an AT&T partner whereby there will be no roaming charges on my plan. THe bad part, I suppose, is the inability to roam on other carriers if the AT&T partner has no coverage.

    Is there a way to get this option back?

    I reaserached using this site but couldn;t find relevant posts. Thanks

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    when you go into manage connections is there an option under "mobile network options>network selection mode" for home only and then automatic? if so set it to automatic

    I keep mine on home only so I don't get any roaming charges but if that option is there it may work for you...
    hopew that works man!
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