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I got my Pearl a few months ago, and I have been reading here and ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question MMS with 8100 on AT&T, also OS Question


    I got my Pearl a few months ago, and I have been reading here and other places about how AT&T requires you have a data package to send and receive MMS. I have an unlimited messaging package that's supposed to include SMS and MMS, but I only have the pay-per-use data package. I'd like to be able to send/receive pictures, even if it means I'm paying per kb. Is there any way to do that with AT&T, without having to pay the $30 a month for a data package? I read that if I switch the OS to one which is from a different carrier, that that might solve the problem, does anyone know about that? Also, the OS that is on my Pearl now is v4.2.1.96, is that the most recent OS release?



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    That OS you have is not the most recent one. But yes there is a OS from a diff carrier that is supposed to enable this feature from actually working. Try a search in our forums. If i find I will update my post

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    I thought was the newest from at t for the 8100 in fact I'm almost positive it is~via BB (

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