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Hi All, I'm new to blackberry's so i apologize in advance if my inquiry is ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    MMS Text


    Hi All,

    I'm new to blackberry's so i apologize in advance if my inquiry is something i should already know. I currently have a Pearl with the latest firmware, cingular, and 200 txt message starter. I have no option to send mms texts and go on the internet so would I need to purchase a data plan in order to send mms texts or is there a trick to bypass that with the services i currently have? If so, please let me know in Leman's terms. Thanks!

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    Re: MMS Text

    Without a dataplan, it's pretty worthless. You won't be able to utilize any of the bb functions. May as well take it back and get a different phone. ~via BB (

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    Re: MMS Text

    I would buy a unlimited BB data plan so you can surf the web with no worries of going crazy and having to pay hundreds of dollars extra. Also if you get a data plan i think it is different than MMS messages. So what you have to do is buy some sort of MMS package thing and then you can send MMS's. Actually it is possible to send MMS messages without having an MMS package but the price will most likely cost more depending on how many MMS's you send per month.

    I hope this makes since to you and if not then tell me and I can help you out some more. I wasn't sure what you were asking so I did my best.

    Hope this helps,

    COJO 24

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    Re: MMS Text

    Hello Ncruz129 and Welcome to the Stacks. I would definitely recommend an unlimited data plan to get the most out of your Pearl. As already mentioned, I would contact Cingular about their MMS plans and charges.

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    Re: MMS Text

    Get the Ulimited Data plan. I have it and it is worth the $. You pretty much don't get charged over for many things. I also suggest you get more text messages per month( 200 will fly on the pearl). If you need any more help just post back.


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